Airport Worker Fired For Writing Offensive Message on Suitcase

A Cyprus resident, Mario Lucas, was left in shock when he discovered an offensive message scrawled on his infant son’s suitcase upon returning from a trip to the UK. Lucas had been traveling with his family on a Ryanair flight to Paphos, a city in the western part of Cyprus. The family had checked in for their flight just an hour and a half before departure.

Upon their arrival in Cyprus, Lucas spotted the offensive message “c—- stop checking in late” on his son’s blue Revelation-brand suitcase while collecting their luggage at the baggage claim. His wife, Serena, was the first to notice the inappropriate writing. Lucas was understandably upset by the incident and immediately lodged a complaint with Ryanair.

Lucas expressed his outrage to the Irish-based airline, demanding a replacement for the suitcase, which was brand new, having been purchased only in September. He described the incident as “outrageous” and was particularly frustrated as there had been no issues at the check-in desk. In fact, Lucas claimed that one of the employees had even assured him that “everything was fine.”

Ryanair’s contractor, ABM Blue Handling, was quick to respond to the incident. They issued a statement condemning the offensive act, emphasizing their zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior. The contractor confirmed that the incident had been reported by their team on the same day and was immediately investigated.

Following the investigation, ABM Blue Handling found conclusive evidence against the individual involved. The person was subsequently dismissed from their position. The contractor also reached out to Lucas to extend an apology for the incident.

Lucas was taken aback by the incident, especially since there had been no confrontation over his check-in time by any Ryanair employees. Despite checking in later than the recommended two hours, Lucas stated that he had experienced no issues at the check-in desk.