Active Shooter at NC Junior High School football game

At least eight shots were fired on a football field at Lumberton Junior High School in Lumberton, North Carolina. A video posted on the Royal Intel Twitter account this morning, Thursday, November 17, purports to capture the moments after gunfire was heard.

According to reports, one female was injured by the gunfire and airlifted to a local hospital. On arrival, the police discovered the 41-year-old shot in the car park next to the football field, and he is currently in critical condition. Around 8pm, multiple shots were reportedly heard coming from the same parking area.

A football game was being played on Wednesday 16, between Lumberton Junior High School and St.Paul’s Middle School.

Law enforcement units from Robeson Country, North Carolina Highway Patrol, and the ATF responded to the scene. As reported by, no arrests have been made or information has been released about the shooter or shooters.

Please stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available on this breaking news story.