9-Year-Old Boy Arrested After Killing Father with Gun and Hatchet

A disturbing event transpired in Tooele, Utah, last month, as a 9-year-old boy was apprehended in relation to his father’s demise. The child is alleged to have used a firearm and a hatchet in the purported crime, as per recently disclosed arrest warrants.

The incident took place on the evening of February 16. Emergency services were initially called to the family home under the assumption of a suicide attempt by the man. However, search warrants acquired by various news outlets suggest a different narrative. The man was discovered unconscious, suffering from a gunshot wound to his head, along with additional injuries that did not align with self-inflicted harm.

The victim’s injuries, as per the reports, included cuts to his head, face, hands, and arms. These wounds were identified as “defensive wounds” by medical staff at the hospital, leading authorities to dismiss the suicide theory.

The warrants suggest that on the night of the incident, the father and son went to bed early due to the boy’s alleged misbehavior. Later, the child came out of their room and informed other household members that his father was bleeding from the head and was no longer alive.

Upon reaching the scene, police officers found a handgun with a bullet missing and a blood-stained hatchet similar to a tomahawk, as revealed in the warrants. It’s worth noting that several people were in the house at the time, including two adult roommates and their four young children.

While the authorities have not yet disclosed any information about a possible motive, the 9-year-old suspect is currently in custody. The specific charges he may face have not been announced, and the investigation is still underway.