8-Year-Old Boy Dies in Tragic ‘Car Surfing’ Incident; Sister Charged

An 8-year-old boy from Virginia tragically lost his life after falling from the roof of a moving vehicle while engaging in a dangerous activity known as “car surfing.” The incident occurred while his 18-year-old sister, Enashia Futrell, was behind the wheel. Hampton police, after reviewing new video footage, discovered that the young boy had climbed out of the window of a 2006 Ford Explorer on October 2.

The video footage showed the boy standing on the roof of the moving vehicle, mimicking the act of surfing, as his sister drove around an apartment complex on Golden Gate Drive. The boy reportedly “surfed” for approximately 1,000 feet before he was thrown from the vehicle, according to 13 News Now. He was discovered unresponsive on the road and succumbed to his injuries two days later in a nearby hospital.

Futrell, during her interaction with the police, stated that she was unaware of her brother’s dangerous antics. However, the video evidence contradicts her claim, showing that before the fatal fall, the boy and another child were hanging out of the vehicle’s windows without any safety restraints.

The 18-year-old sister, a resident of Newport News, confessed to driving above the 10 mph speed limit within the apartment complex and admitted to being distracted. Futrell’s mother informed the police that her daughter often looked after the children after school when she was unavailable. Another child was reportedly in the front passenger seat at the time of the incident.

Following the tragic event, Futrell was arrested and charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of child endangerment. Her bond was set at $10,000, and she has been prohibited from driving a vehicle.