7-year-old forced to eat his own vomit by school staff

In Brownsburg, Indiana, five educators are facing charges after it was revealed that two of them had allegedly forced a 7-year-old boy to eat his own vomit.

According to police reports, the incident happened in February and was instigated by Sara Seymour, 27, a life skills teacher at Brown Elementary School. The report states that Seymour had told the victim that if he vomited, he would have to consume what he had retched up.

Julie Taylor, 48, another life skills teacher, then provided a tray for the child to vomit on. Debra Kanipe, 63, a life skills instructional aid, then handed the child a spoon, and he was made to eat some of his own vomit.

Furthermore, the child was also told to clean up the remaining vomit using paper towels. Additionally, Kristen Mitchell, 38, and Megan King, 24, both employees at the K1ds Count Therapy, were also allegedly present and witnessed the event.

All five women were charged with failure to report, and Seymour and Kanipe were additionally charged with neglect of a dependent. In response to the reports, the school district had placed the six individuals on administrative leave and informed the K1ds County Therapy that they were not allowed on school district property until the investigation had concluded.

Eventually, Seymour and Kanipe were terminated, while the other four remain on administrative leave. The K1ds County employee is still not permitted to be on school district property. Throughout the investigation, the school district, the third-party contractor, Kids County, and all those involved have been cooperative.