13-year-old fights off shark attack

Ella Reed, a 13-year-old girl, demonstrated incredible bravery when she successfully defended herself against an attack from a shark at a beach in Florida on Thursday.

Reed told WPLG that she was sitting in the shallow part of the ocean next to a jetty when she suddenly felt excruciating pain in her side and saw the shark, which she guessed to be around five to six feet long.

She said that the shark was very powerful and that it had repeatedly hit her stomach. Desperate to make it leave her alone, Reed began to punch the shark, which eventually caused it to retreat.

Unfortunately, it came back and this time bit her in the stomach, arm, finger and the top of her knee.

Her mother, who was nearby, recounted that the teen was covered in blood, but appeared to be quite calm. The young girl admitted that the adrenaline probably numbed the pain for her.

After going to a hospital, Reed had to get 19 stitches for the bites and is now proud of the scars. She said that she won’t be deterred from going back in the waters, despite the shocking experience.