10-Year-Old Boy Steals Car and Drives on Freeway to Visit Mom

This Memorial Day weekend, a 10-year-old had other ideas about spending his holiday. On that Sunday, the young Michigan boy had allegedly stolen a Buick Encore SUV and was headed south down Interstate 75 to go visit his mom.

OnStar, a subscription-based vehicle service, received a call from a concerned witness who had seen the SUV on the interstate. After receiving the call, the troopers quickly tried to locate the vehicle and intervene as soon as possible. 

The Michigan State Police’s Third District recorded one of the most surreal scenes; a silent, 31-second video that showed the car swerving from lane to lane with its hazard lights flashing. The troopers attempted to get the driver to respond to their calls to slow down by chasing the SUV but were unsuccessful.

Through OnStar’s remote system, the vehicle was eventually disabled and halted in its tracks, avoiding potential danger and disaster. After the car came to a stop, the driver leaped out and ran into the nearby woods but was not able to escape the police. He was promptly taken to the Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center.