Young Fan of Rapper Brutally Assaulted by Entourage Over Photo Opp

A young fan of Florida-based rapper Nardo Wick was brutally assaulted by members of the rapper’s entourage on Monday night, resulting in a concussion and a brain bleed. The 20-year-old fan, George Obregon, is currently in critical but stable condition following the violent incident that took place outside Club Skye in Tampa, where Wick had performed earlier.

Obregon, who had VIP tickets to the concert, approached Wick, whose real name is Horace Walls III, and his entourage after the show, hoping to meet his favorite artist. However, he was unexpectedly attacked and knocked unconscious by one of Wick’s crew, as shown in a disturbing video circulating on social media.

The footage shows Obregon leaning against a wall, seemingly frozen, as a second man delivers at least three more punches. The defenseless fan falls, his head bouncing off the ground. Obregon’s mother, Michelle, expressed her outrage and distress over the incident, stating that her son was not aggressive and merely wanted a photo with his favorite artist.

Connor Villa, a friend of Obregon and a witness to the incident, recounted the event to TMZ. According to Villa, Obregon was simply walking towards Wick with his phone up, asking for a picture, when he was suddenly attacked.

The Tampa police are currently seeking assistance in identifying the two suspects involved in the assault. Meanwhile, a text exchange between Michelle Obregon and Wick’s mother, who also serves as his manager, reveals that the latter has been kept updated on George Obregon’s condition.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Wick expressed his regret over the incident and stated that he had reached out to the Obregon family. The rapper, known for his 2021 hit “Who Want Smoke?,” condemned the attack and stated that he could not control the actions of another adult. He also revealed that he had tried to intervene during the assault, as seen in the video.

Wick’s representatives clarified to WFLA that the two suspects involved in the attack are neither his security personnel nor directly connected to the rapper.