Wife Accused of Poisoning Husband with Euthanasia Drugs

A Wisconsin woman, aged 51, is potentially facing a 12.5-year prison sentence for allegedly poisoning her 71-year-old husband multiple times with animal euthanasia drugs. Amanda Alicia Chapin, who recently pleaded no contest to a felony first-degree reckless endangering safety charge, is accused of causing her husband, Gary Chapin, to fall into a temporary coma.

Initially, Amanda Chapin was charged with first-degree attempted intentional homicide related to the poisoning. However, she pleaded to a lesser charge after striking a deal with the Lafayette County District Attorney’s Office. The Wisconsin State Journal reported that authorities suspect Amanda Chapin of stealing animal euthanasia drugs from her husband, a veterinarian, and using them to spike his coffee on at least three occasions between July and August 2022. The third incident reportedly resulted in a four-day coma for Gary Chapin.

The couple’s troubles reportedly began shortly after their marriage in March 2022. Authorities claim that Amanda Chapin quickly forged the signature of Gary Chapin’s son to grant herself power of attorney. She then allegedly insisted that her husband change the deed to his house to ensure she would be the sole homeowner if he passed away. This information was reported by Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI.

Approximately two weeks after the deed to the house was amended, Amanda Chapin is said to have started administering the poison. Blood tests conducted after Gary Chapin fell into a coma on August 21, 2022, reportedly tested positive for the barbiturate drugs he used in his veterinary practice to euthanize animals.

Gary Chapin reportedly first suspected something was amiss in July 2022 when he began experiencing vertigo-like symptoms. Amanda Chapin allegedly tried to convince him that he was suffering a stroke. After the third poisoning incident, Gary Chapin reportedly told authorities that he only remembered drinking his morning coffee and then waking up four days later.

Following the coma, Gary Chapin’s son filed a restraining order against Amanda Chapin, suspecting her involvement in his father’s deteriorating health. Investigators reportedly discovered that Amanda Chapin had accessed Gary Chapin’s personal email account just hours after he fell into the coma, forwarding his conversations with his attorney and children to herself.

Despite a court order prohibiting contact with her husband, Amanda Chapin reportedly sent Gary Chapin a suicide note via email on September 1, 2022. In the email, she denied poisoning him and accused his children of trying to ruin her. Amanda Chapin survived her suicide attempt, and Gary Chapin filed for divorce the next day.

Following the plea hearing, Lafayette County Circuit Court Judge Barbara W. McCoy ordered a presentence investigation and scheduled Amanda Chapin’s sentencing hearing for July 25.