Woman killed by alligator while walking dog

On Monday, a terrible incident happened at St. Lucie, Florida. An elderly woman of 85 years old was fatally hurt by a 10-foot alligator while strolling with her pet near a pond in the Spanish Lakes Fairways Community.

Witnesses of the scene called 911. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the county sherrif’s office went to Picante Circle to begin their examination.
Sheriff Ken Mascara of St. Lucie County declared that the alligator was close to eleven feet long.

The citizens of the area told WPTV that the woman was close to the pond walking her pet when the alligator suddenly grabbed it. The woman tried hard to free her dog from the alligator’s grip but regrettably died in the attempt.

The woman’s body was retrieved and a nuisance gator trapper was requested to capture the alligator.

The FWS expressed their sorrow for the victim and their family, conveying their sympathies. They also noted that major injuries caused by alligators are rarely seen in Florida.

In Florida, alligator attacks are the most common among alligator-related cases in the United States, however they remain rare, as reported by A-Z Animals.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported that from 1948 to November 2021, 442 unprovoked alligator attacks took place in the state, with 14 of them being fatal.