Woman is Mauled to Death by Family Pet While Sunbathing

In a heartrending incident, a 70-year-old British grandmother tragically passed away after she was attacked by her own family’s pet while sunbathing in her backyard on Friday. This marks at least the fifth death caused by dog attacks in the UK this year.

The woman, whose identity is not yet public, suffered a fatal mauling at her home in Bedworth, Warwickshire. Her 49-year-old daughter also sustained non-life-threatening injuries after trying valiantly to protect her mother from the canine. The daughter was treated in the hospital afterward. Moreover, the daughter and her 52-year-old husband were arrested as the dog in question was banned in the UK.

The specific breed of the dog is still a matter of speculation. According to UK legislation it has prohibited known aggressive breeds such as the American pit bull terriers among others. Moreover, any dog deemed dangerously out of control is also outlawed.

A neighbor of the family claimed the pet in question resembled a Mastiff, though the owners had stated that it was of a rare breed.

Warwickshire Police Superintendent Sutherland Lane stated that the investigation was ongoing and suggested anyone with pertinent information come forward with it. He also underscored this episode’s devastating effects on the local community.

People should be informed about the breed of canine they own and be aware of their pet’s behavior. Moreover, knowing the laws in your area and ascertaining Fido isn’t a banned type of dog should be major considerations when caring for a four-legged friend.