Woman Impaled by Beach Umbrella in Wind-Related Incident

A beach umbrella, dislodged by a gust of wind, impaled a woman’s leg in Alabama earlier this week, as reported by the City of Orange Beach Fire Department via a Facebook post. The incident occurred on Perdido Beach Boulevard, where emergency services were dispatched to respond to a traumatic injury.

The post, dated August 28, detailed the incident, stating that the fire department was alerted around 9:00 a.m. Upon arrival, the emergency crew found a female beachgoer with a beach umbrella impaled through her lower leg. The umbrella had been uprooted by a strong wind gust.

The emergency crew stabilized the victim at the scene. To facilitate her transport, they had to cut the umbrella shaft on both sides of her leg. The woman was airlifted in stable condition for further medical attention.

Beach umbrella incidents, while seemingly rare, can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. A similar incident last year resulted in a woman’s death in South Carolina when she was impaled by a beach umbrella.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has previously warned about the potential dangers of airborne beach umbrellas. The agency has urged beachgoers to ensure their umbrellas are securely anchored in the sand to prevent such accidents.

The commission provides several safety tips to prevent beach umbrella-related accidents. These include spiking the umbrella pole deep into the sand, rocking the umbrella back and forth until it is firmly buried, tilting the umbrella into the wind to prevent it from being blown away, and using an anchor or weight to secure the base of the pole. Additionally, it is recommended to pack the sand well around the base of the umbrella.