Woman Hospitalized with Brain Swelling After Helping Cook Meal

Thais Medeiros, a 25-year-old Brazilian woman, is currently in recovery at a hospital following a severe allergic reaction to a super spicy chili pepper that resulted in significant brain swelling. The incident occurred six months ago when Medeiros was assisting her boyfriend in preparing a meal at his residence in Anápolis, central Brazil.

The unfortunate event unfolded when Medeiros sniffed a pickled goat pepper, a fiery variety common in the region with a Scoville rating, a scale used to measure pepper heat, ranging from 15,000 to 30,000. She also rubbed the pepper on her nose. Shortly after, she began to feel unwell, experiencing an itchy throat, and was quickly transported to a local hospital in Anápolis. She was later moved to a medical facility in her hometown of Goiânia.

Medical tests confirmed that Medeiros had developed brain edema, a condition characterized by swelling of the brain. Experts believe this was triggered by an allergic reaction to the chili pepper. The reaction was so severe that Medeiros spent several days in a coma. Her mother, Adriana Medeiros, noted that her daughter had pre-existing health conditions, including bronchitis and asthma.

Medeiros was discharged from the hospital on July 31, but was readmitted four days later due to a high fever and reddish urine. She was scheduled to return home on August 10, but a bronchospasm, a constriction of the airways in the lungs, prevented her from leaving the hospital.

Currently, there is no confirmed discharge date for Medeiros, who has been left unable to speak or walk following the incident. Medical professionals are concerned that she may not be able to return to her regular activities due to neurological issues caused by oxygen deprivation.

Adriana Medeiros expressed her longing for her daughter’s return home. She shared the emotional toll of her daughter’s absence, stating that her other children often ask about their sister’s return, and that she constantly thinks about her. She added that preparing her daughter’s favorite meals brings back memories and causes her great pain.