Woman Finds Live Frog in Box of Organic Spinach

A Michigan resident recently had an unexpected encounter with a live frog that she found in a box of organic baby spinach she had purchased. Amber Worrick was shocked to discover the amphibian in her Earthbound Farm spinach box, a product she bought from a local Meijer supermarket.

Worrick’s daughter was the first to spot the frog, causing quite a commotion. “My daughter was screaming. She was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a, it’s a frog,” Worrick recounted. She was relieved that she hadn’t consumed the spinach before the frog was discovered. “It was alive and moving,” she added.

The packaging of the product claimed that the spinach was “TRIPLE WASHED.” Worrick expressed skepticism about this claim, arguing that if the product had indeed been thoroughly washed, the frog would have been detected and removed.

Following the incident, the supermarket where Worrick purchased the spinach issued a statement. Meijer confirmed that the frog was safely relocated outdoors and that the product originated from Earthbound Farms. The supermarket chain partners with various farms across the country, including Earthbound Farms, to provide fresh produce to its stores daily. Meijer also stated that they had refunded Worrick for the product.

Earthbound Farm is owned by Taylor Farms, which also responded to the incident. The company communicated via email that they were in direct contact with both the customer and the supermarket to express their apologies. They emphasized that food safety and customer experience are their top priorities.

Taylor Farms also stated that they were investigating how the frog ended up in the spinach box and how such incidents could be prevented in the future. The company highlighted its organic farming practices, which promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems on and around their farms. They pledged to continue working tirelessly to provide the freshest, finest quality vegetables for consumers.