Woman Bitten by Priest During Communion

A Florida priest, Father Fidel Rodriguez, has been accused of biting a woman during a Sunday Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud. The incident occurred as the woman attempted to receive Communion, a sacred Christian rite. Rodriguez claims his actions were in defense of the Communion wafer, a symbol of Christ’s body in Christian tradition.

The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, reported to the police that she was denied Communion. She alleged that the priest refused to give her the sacramental bread, commonly referred to as the “cookie” in layman’s terms. The reasons for the denial remain unclear, with the woman speculating that it could have been due to her attire or personal background.

An eyewitness account suggested that the woman was denied Communion due to her sexual orientation and her choice of clothing. The witness further claimed that the priest attempted to forcefully place the wafer in the woman’s mouth, leading to a physical altercation. The woman reportedly resisted the priest’s actions, which allegedly triggered an aggressive response from him.

However, Rodriguez refuted these allegations, stating that the woman’s background or attire had no bearing on his actions. He insisted that he does not judge anyone. Instead, he claimed that the woman tried to snatch the Communion wafer from his hand, prompting his reaction.

According to Rodriguez, the woman had attended a 10 a.m. service but was denied Communion due to her unfamiliarity with the process. When she returned for the noon Mass, the confrontation ensued. The incident was captured on tape, although some details remain obscured due to another person blocking the view.

Rodriguez admitted to biting the woman but defended his actions as a means of protecting the sacrament. The Catholic Diocese of Orlando supported Rodriguez’s account, stating that the woman forcefully grabbed the Communion hosts, crushing them. The diocese further stated that Rodriguez was unaware of the woman’s background.

The diocese maintained that Rodriguez’s actions were in response to the woman’s aggressive behavior and were aimed at preventing desecration of the Holy Communion. Despite the incident, the diocese believes that the video footage and police report will vindicate Rodriguez. However, the St. Cloud police have recommended battery charges against him.