Woman attacked by moose while walking her dog

Tracy Hansen and her dog Gunner went on their usual walk in Anchorage on February 16th, like they do three times a day.

They passed a moose, and while living in Alaska, Hansen didn’t think much of it. Suddenly, the moose started running towards Hansen at a quick pace, and then it reared up and kicked her in the back of the head.

Hansen assumed someone had hit her with a bike or something, but it was later confirmed by a video taken by Kate Timmons, who was driving by at the time. Timmons saw the moose chasing Hansen and began filming, shouting for her to watch out.

The Timmons family stopped and helped Hansen and her dog, bringing them to her house and calling for help. Hansen had several bruises and had to get three staples in her head wound. She still has headaches from the attack, but is on the way to recovery.

The two women met up and discussed the event, believing it was not a coincidence. Hansen also stated that she and Gunner will be back to their normal walks, and the moose won’t stop that.