Woman Arrested for Cutting Mother’s Heart Out in Horrific Crime

A Florida woman, aged 58, has been apprehended by authorities on charges of committing a horrific crime against her own mother. Earleen M. Tucker is facing a first-degree premeditated murder charge for the alleged killing of her mother, Lucille Tucker, as per court documents.

The Tallahassee Police Department responded to a call on March 6, around 1:15 p.m., regarding a naked woman attempting to enter a delivery vehicle outside a residence on Hartsfield Way. A subsequent call revealed the woman to be the caller’s mother, who was refusing to dress and come inside the house.

Upon arrival, the first responders found the woman, later identified as Earleen Tucker, still unclothed outside her townhouse. She was reportedly speaking about ‘free will’ as officers tried to persuade her to go inside and dress. Shortly after, Tucker requested the officers to take her to the police station, admitting to committing a ‘grievous crime’. She then agreed to go inside and put on a robe.

Inside the house, officers found Tucker standing over what appeared to be a human organ, about 8 feet from the entrance. When questioned, Tucker began to breathe heavily and grunt. A subsequent search of the house led to the discovery of a deceased woman, identified as Lucille Tucker, who had suffered apparent chest trauma.

Earleen Tucker was reported to have sat on the couch and laughed nervously, continuing her incoherent ramblings. She was quoted as saying, “The saga will continue, people, until I am in a jail cell. I have to be in prison for my actions.”

A family member informed the police that Earleen Tucker was a healthcare worker and her mother had moved in with her due to declining health. The family member also revealed that Tucker had been hospitalized for mental health issues twice in the past.

During an interview at the police station, Tucker was reported to have rambled and stated that she could only speak to a Black person. A Black detective then took over the interview. During the conversation, Tucker confessed to killing her mother, referring to her as a ‘sacrificial lamb’.

After her arrest, Tucker made a statement about “cutting out her mother’s heart to inspect it,” and continued to talk to herself for hours. The organ found in the house was later confirmed to be Lucille Tucker’s heart.

Earleen Tucker pleaded not guilty in court on Friday and is currently being held at the Leon County Detention Facility without bond. The date of her next court appearance is yet to be announced.