Wingsuit Skydiver Decapitated After Jumping From Plane

A fatal skydiving incident that took place in France over three years ago has re-emerged in the legal sphere, as the pilot of the aircraft involved now faces charges of manslaughter. The event, which led to the death of a seasoned skydiver, has been referred to by the pilot as the most tragic event of his life.

In the summer of 2018, Nicolas Galy, a 40-year-old experienced parachutist, embarked on a jump from a plane flying at an altitude of 14,000 feet above Bouloc-en-Quercy, near Toulouse. Unfortunately, Galy’s jump ended in disaster when he struck the plane’s wing just 20 seconds after his leap, causing his immediate death. The collision was so violent that it resulted in Galy’s decapitation, with his body subsequently falling to the ground as his emergency parachute was activated.

The pilot of the single-engine Pilatus plane, known only as Alain C., is now facing legal repercussions for the incident. Alain, who was working for a parachuting school at the time, has consistently claimed his innocence, asserting that Galy strayed from the intended path.

Alain has stated that he was unable to see the wingsuiters and believed he was clear of them. He acknowledged that wingsuiters “don’t descend much and can be in conflict with the aircraft,” but maintained that Galy “did not adhere to the expected course and should never have been on that course.”

Prosecutor Jeanne Regagnon has proposed a 12-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of £8,700 for Alain, contending that Galy was “the only one who followed the rules without negligence.” The court was also informed that Alain’s license was not valid at the time of the flight due to a breach of restrictions set by France’s aviation authority related to a medical condition.

The court’s decision in this case is anticipated to be delivered in November. This incident underscores the inherent dangers associated with extreme sports, even for those with extensive experience. Earlier this summer, a British base jumper lost his life after falling from a mountain in Italy, further emphasizing the potential risks of these pursuits.