Wheelchair-Bound Man Brutally Ripped Apart by Dogs

A horrifying incident unfolded in Florida City last week when a wheelchair-bound man, known locally as Smoky, was brutally attacked by two dogs. The assault was so severe that witnesses described the dogs as biting “chunks” out of the man. The disturbing event was captured on video, which was later obtained by local news outlets.

Smoky, who is reportedly homeless, was lying on the ground, his wheelchair overturned, as the dogs took turns attacking him. Despite the efforts of onlookers, who honked their car horns in an attempt to scare off the dogs, the assault continued unabated. A commercial truck driver even sounded his horn continuously, but to no avail.

Witnesses described a gruesome scene, with the disabled man being dragged around and bitten repeatedly. Some bystanders attempted to intervene by throwing items at the dogs, but their efforts were unsuccessful. “The dogs would not get off this man,” one witness recounted. “That concrete truck has a loud horn and it didn’t work.”

Following the attack, Smoky was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery on his arms. The dogs, named Boo-boo and Jumpety, were known to reside on a nearby property. While their owner was incarcerated, others were tasked with looking after the dogs. However, the dogs managed to escape through the home’s fence.

One neighbor, who initially mistook the commotion for a car crash, described the aftermath of the attack. “When I looked, he was laying on the ground, arm was hanging like this,” she said. “The dog was full of blood, he was full of blood.”

Miami-Dade County Animal Control has since taken custody of the dogs. It remains unclear whether the dogs will be euthanized. According to local residents, Boo-boo is usually well-behaved, while Jumpety has a history of aggressive behavior. “Jumpety, the black one, he jumps over the fence. He literally can jump over the fence,” a neighbor said. “I think he’s very dangerous because he did attack another person before.”

Despite his circumstances, Smoky is described by locals as a beloved figure in the community. “Smoky is an excellent guy,” neighbor John Oz said. “He is homeless, but he’s got people that support him.”