Virginia House Candidate Susanna Gibson Revealed to Have Posted Adult Content on Streaming Site

Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates, has come under fire after videos of her and her husband engaging in sexual acts for money on an adult streaming platform surfaced online. The 40-year-old mother of two, who is vying for the District 57 seat, has accused her opponents of resorting to “gutter politics” in response to the controversy.

The videos were reportedly hosted on Chaturbate, a live webcam site for adults, and were revealed by the Washington Post in a report on Monday. Gibson, a nurse practitioner, has since hit back at her political adversaries, alleging that they are playing dirty politics. She has labeled the controversy as an “illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me.”

Gibson has accused her political opponents and their Republican allies of being willing to commit a sex crime to attack her and her family. She believes that they are trying to silence women who speak up. She also added that her opponent and his allies are resorting to such tactics because they know that the people of the district support her on the issues.

David Owen, Gibson’s Republican opponent and a businessman, stated that his campaign learned about the videos on Monday, just like everyone else. He expressed his focus on his campaign and acknowledged that this must be a difficult time for Gibson and her family.

The videos were reportedly posted on a publicly accessible archive on the website Recurbate in September 2022, after Gibson announced her candidacy. Gibson allegedly maintained her Chaturbate profile, named “hotwifeexperience,” even after announcing her campaign in July 2022. She had around 5,770 followers on Chaturbate, whom she frequently asked for more “tokens” in exchange for certain acts in private showings.

Gibson’s attorney, Daniel P. Watkins, has claimed that the circulating videos violate Virginia’s revenge porn law. This law criminalizes the malicious dissemination or sale of nude or sexual images of another person with the intent to coerce, harass, or intimidate. Watkins stated that they are working with federal and local law enforcement to hold the wrongdoers accountable and protect Gibson’s rights as a crime victim.

The future of Gibson’s campaign remains uncertain, but she has stated that the scandal will not silence her. The Democratic Party of Virginia has not commented on the controversy as they strive to regain their majority in the 100-member Virginia House. The race has seen significant spending from both parties, with Republicans hoping to maintain control of the House of Delegates and Democrats aiming to regain control.