Video shows 9-year-old girl savagely beaten on school bus

A mother of a third-grader who was brutally attacked on board a school bus has stated that she plans to take criminal action against the assailants. The video of the incident shows two boys viciously beating the victim for nearly 30 seconds as she desperately tries to protect herself, with no adults intervening.

The mother said that the school administrators have been overwhelmed by the violence in and around the school, so they only suggested that she get her three children to enroll elsewhere. She also mentioned that her two older children have also been bullied, but school counselors and administrators have not done anything to help.

The father of the victim took to social media to express his anger and said he wants to launch protests outside the school. He believes that there is a lack of security both at the school and on the bus, and that bullying needs to be stopped.

Police have announced that the offenders have been arrested. The Miami-Dade Schools Police mentioned that the safety and well-being of the students is the most important thing, and asked parents to promote restraint and respect at home.

In a related incident, three female high school students from Florida were arrested for their involvement in another violent school fight filmed on video. The victim suffered a concussion as a result. The principal of the school has warned students of disciplinary action if they are caught filming fights, as it encourages violence.

Parents and students have argued against this policy, saying that the leaked videos are the only way to demonstrate how school safety is handled.