Unidentified Man’s Body Found Dead in Large Cat Enclosure at Zoo

A shocking discovery was made at Sherbagh Zoo in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, when a man’s body was found in a large cat enclosure. The gruesome scene was uncovered by cleaning staff who noticed a large cat, possibly a tiger or a leopard, with a shoe in its mouth. The identity of the victim and how he ended up in the enclosure remains a mystery.

Zaheer Anwar, a high-ranking local government official, shared with the press that the cleaning staff grew suspicious upon seeing the shoe in the animal’s mouth. Upon further investigation, they discovered the body inside the enclosure. Anwar used a term that could refer to either a tiger or a leopard, both of which are residents of the zoo. However, some local media outlets have reported that the animal in question was a tiger.

The victim’s identity is yet to be determined, and the circumstances that led him to the enclosure are unclear. Anwar suggested that the individual might have been mentally unstable, as he believes a rational person would not willingly enter the enclosure. He pointed out that the enclosure is secure and speculated that the man might have jumped in from the stairs behind the enclosure.

Zafarullah, a representative from the local rescue organization 1122, reported that the victim’s legs were severely mutilated and the body appeared to have been there for several hours. The exact cause of death is being investigated by forensic experts.

A preliminary autopsy report from Bahawal Victoria Hospital indicated that the victim was torn apart by the large cats. The report also suggested that the man attempted to defend himself but was overpowered by the animals.

The Sherbagh Zoo, managed by Punjab’s wildlife department, houses a variety of animals including lions, tigers, and hyenas. The zoo’s website boasts of “modern moated enclosures” for its animals. The zoo charges a minimal entry fee of 18 cents for adults.

In response to the incident, the local government in Bahawalpur has formed a committee to investigate the deadly animal attack. The zoo has been temporarily closed to the public while the investigation is underway.