Treasure Hunter Dies in 130-Foot Hole Dug in Search of Gold

A 71-year-old man from Minas Gerais, Brazil, tragically lost his life after falling into a 130-foot hole he had dug beneath his kitchen floor. The man, João Pimenta, was reportedly driven by a dream that suggested there was gold buried under his property. The hole he dug was as deep as a 12-story building.

Local residents reported that Pimenta had been consumed by the idea of finding gold beneath his kitchen floor following a dream he believed to be prophetic. He had spent over a year digging in search of the supposed treasure. His neighbor, Arnaldo da Silva, shared with Globo that he had tried to dissuade Pimenta from continuing his dangerous endeavor, but to no avail. Pimenta was convinced that he would find gold if he persisted.

Da Silva also revealed that Pimenta had recently considered using dynamite to remove a large rock that was obstructing his excavation. The hole, which was approximately 35 inches in diameter, had become a local spectacle, with images circulating online and in Brazilian media.

Pimenta had even started to hire help to continue the digging, increasing their pay as the hole grew deeper. Most recently, he had paid up to $500 to individuals willing to assist in his quest.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when Pimenta lost his balance and fell into the hole. Local police responded to the scene, and Pimenta’s body was transported to a medical center for an autopsy. The autopsy revealed that Pimenta had sustained head injuries, broken legs, and other fractures. He was pronounced dead at the medical center.

The exact duration of Pimenta’s excavation project remains uncertain. However, this tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of undertaking such endeavors without proper safety measures.