Tragic Pre-Christmas Accident Claims Life of Eight-Year-Old Boy

A tragic incident unfolded just days before Christmas when an eight-year-old boy was fatally wounded after inadvertently entering a target practice range. The young boy, Bradley John Shockley, was riding a four-wheeler with a friend when they unknowingly trespassed into a restricted area. A .22-caliber bullet, discharged from a rifle, struck Shockley in the chest.

The incident occurred on Monday, and Shockley was swiftly transported to Benson Hospital. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, the young boy succumbed to his injuries in less than an hour. The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the details of the unfortunate event.

Ella Scofield, Shockley’s mother, spoke to local media about the heartbreaking accident. She remembered her son as a bright, curious child who loved books and spaghetti. She shared a poignant memory of her son eagerly trying to guess the contents of his Christmas presents without touching them, a testament to his intelligence and excitement for the holiday.

The family had planned to gift Shockley a “big box of books” for Christmas, knowing his love for reading. His mother said that he was so smart that he didn’t even need to shake the box to guess what was inside.

The individual who fired the fatal shot was reportedly a family acquaintance. The Shockley family, despite their grief, expressed no ill will towards the shooter. They even extended an invitation to the shooter’s children to visit their home, emphasizing their love and forgiveness in the face of tragedy.

Shockley’s life will be celebrated on December 29 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. David, Arizona. His favorite meal, spaghetti, will be served in his honor. Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding Shockley’s death, with the intention of submitting its findings to the county attorney.