Tragic Death of 2-Year-Old Found Curled Up Next to Dead Father

In a tragic incident, a toddler from Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, was discovered deceased from starvation, lying next to his father who had died of a heart attack two weeks prior. The 2-year-old, Bronson Battersby, and his 60-year-old father, Kenneth, were last seen alive on December 26. Kenneth’s sudden death left the young boy alone and helpless.

The family was last visited by relatives during the holiday season. Following their absence, a social worker made several attempts to check on them. Despite the lack of response, the social worker was unable to gain access to the house until a key was obtained from the landlord several days later.

Bronson’s mother, Sarah Piesse, 43, expressed her grief and frustration, stating that more could have been done to prevent this tragedy. She emphasized the importance of social workers in ensuring the safety of children. She believes that if the social worker had insisted on entering the house when there was no response on January 2, Bronson might still be alive.

The social worker had first attempted to contact the family on December 27 and visited the house on January 2. Despite the lack of response, she was unable to gain access to the house. After each unsuccessful visit, she reported the situation to the police.

The family revealed that the social worker was only able to enter the house after obtaining a key from the landlord several days later. Following the discovery of the tragic incident, authorities in Lincolnshire have initiated a review into the child’s death.

Sarah Piesse, still reeling from the loss of her son, shared her heart-wrenching experience of identifying Bronson’s body. She was unable to hold him due to his fragile state. The postmortem examination revealed that Bronson died of dehydration and starvation.

A family friend remembered Bronson as a loving and adorable boy who enjoyed cartoons, nursery rhymes, and playing with his drum kit. The friend expressed deep sorrow over the tragic circumstances of Bronson’s death.

Kenneth, Bronson’s father, was unemployed and had been suffering from a severe heart condition that had led to severe jaundice in the months leading up to his death. Social services had classified Bronson as vulnerable, and he was supposed to receive weekly visits. The social worker involved in the case has not been suspended but is reportedly taking time off work.