Texas Man Engages in Fatal Shootout with Alleged Vehicle Thief

A dramatic confrontation unfolded in a Texas parking lot on Thursday afternoon when a man, who had discovered his stolen Ford truck at a local mall, ended up in a fatal shootout with the alleged thief. The incident occurred around 1 p.m. at the South Park Mall in San Antonio, where the man and his companion had initially found their vehicle missing.

Upon locating the stolen truck in another section of the mall’s parking lot, the pair discovered a man and a woman occupying the vehicle. The owner of the truck, whose identity has not been disclosed, held the suspects at gunpoint, instructing the driver to sit by one of the tires as they awaited the arrival of the police.

However, the situation escalated when the male suspect drew a handgun and shot the truck’s owner. The owner retaliated, firing back at the suspects. The male suspect was declared dead at the scene by the San Antonio police.

Photographs from the scene depict the female suspect being aided by a police officer and another woman, with visible blood stains on her leg. The deceased suspect was found lying face down in the parking lot. The truck’s owner and the female suspect were transported to a local hospital, where they were reported to be in stable and critical condition, respectively.

The San Antonio police have not disclosed how the stolen truck was located. The shooting is being treated as a case of self-defense. The police also stated that the truck’s owner was within his rights to pursue his stolen property, although they would prefer citizens to contact law enforcement before taking matters into their own hands.

The deceased suspect’s brother, Jose Garcia, contested the truck owner’s right to pursue and kill his brother. He argued that regardless of whether his brother was in the wrong, he was threatened with a gun and acted in self-defense. Garcia labeled the truck owner a vigilante and urged people to wait for the police in such situations.

Details regarding whether the truck owner or his companion called 911, and the events that transpired in the two minutes between the call and the shooting, remain unclear and are currently under investigation by the police.