Texas Man Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Wife, Standoff with Police

A Texas man, aged 47, was apprehended after allegedly stabbing his wife multiple times in their residence, extinguishing a cigarette on her forehead, and attempting to gouge her eyes out with his thumbs. The incident culminated in a standoff with the police, during which the man reportedly turned the knife on himself. The suspect, identified as Trey Calvin Williams, was arrested following his discharge from the hospital on Friday. He faces charges of aggravated assault of a family or household member with a deadly weapon, according to official records.

The incident occurred on July 12, when officers from the Moody Police Department responded to a 911 call around 8:30 p.m. The call reported an adult female with multiple stab wounds at a residence on Avenue E. Upon arrival, first responders found a blood-drenched Williams in the backyard, clutching a bloody knife and muttering incoherently.

The victim, Williams’ wife, whose identity was not disclosed, was rushed to Hillcrest Medical Center. She had sustained 11 stab wounds to her stomach, head, hands, and arms. Williams reportedly refused to drop the knife when ordered to do so by the police. He told the officers that he had lost the love of his life and that his wife was still inside the house.

A tense 13-minute standoff ensued, during which Williams knelt on the ground, holding the knife with both hands, the sharp end pointed upwards towards his body. He then fell forward onto the blade, dropping the knife and appearing to have a seizure. When officers attempted to assist him, they discovered a large laceration below his sternum, resulting in a sucking chest wound. Williams was airlifted to Baylor Scott & White Temple Medical Center for treatment.

The victim told police that she and Williams had been arguing for several weeks. When she finally asked him to leave, he attacked her, grabbing her head and digging his thumbs into her eyes. As her vision returned, she saw blood in her eyes and begged Williams to stop, professing her love for him. His chilling response was, “I love you, too, but there’s no coming back from this.”

The victim’s son and father, who also reside in the house, provided the police with harrowing details of the attack. The son recounted hearing his mother’s screams and seeing Williams, cigarette and knife in hand, on top of her. Williams reportedly extinguished the cigarette on his wife’s forehead and began stabbing her. The victim’s son and father managed to pull Williams off her, and she called 911 from the bathroom.

Williams is currently detained in McLennan County Jail with a bond set at $500,000. The Moody Police Department and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office have yet to respond to requests for additional information on the case.