Texas Couple Sues Maryland Airbnb Host Over Hidden Cameras

A Texas couple, Kayelee Gates and Christian Capraro, have filed a lawsuit against a Maryland man, alleging that he secretly filmed them during their stay at his Airbnb property. The couple had driven for 23 hours to Silver Spring, Maryland, to spend two nights in August 2022. However, their stay turned into a nightmare when they discovered hidden cameras in the house.

On their first night, the couple had spent time in the shared bathroom before settling down to watch a movie in bed. Capraro, who works as a smoke detector installer, became suspicious when he noticed two smoke detectors in the room – one in the middle of the ceiling above the bed and another in the corner. His suspicions were confirmed when he found a hidden camera in the detector above the bed. A similar hidden camera was discovered in the bathroom.

Shocked and violated, the couple decided to leave the property immediately. They removed the hidden camera from the bedroom and relocated to a hotel, where they contacted the Montgomery County Police Department. Gates expressed her distress over the incident, stating that it caused her embarrassment, humiliation, and a loss of dignity.

When the police arrived at the property, they discovered an additional hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the basement, where another guest had been staying. The property, located at 1103 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland, is owned by Christopher J. Goisse, a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner in Maryland.

The couple’s attorney, Dan Whitney, Jr., expressed concern about the potential distribution of the recorded footage. He compared the situation to opening Pandora’s box, stating that once a recording is made, it’s impossible to know where it could end up or who might have seen it.

Goisse, who was present in the master bedroom of the house when the police arrived, initially allowed the police to search the house. However, he refused to let them enter his twin brother Larry’s room, leading them to believe that Larry was not home. The police later discovered that Larry was indeed in the room, and the lawsuit alleges that he may have used the time to destroy evidence.

In Larry’s room, the police found a locked safe, which he refused to open. Upon returning with a search warrant, the police discovered multiple hidden cameras inside the safe, including the ones removed from the bathroom. Larry Goisse is currently incarcerated on separate charges of drug diversion and health care fraud.

The couple is seeking over $75,000 in damages for the emotional distress and invasion of privacy they experienced. Christopher Goisse, who has denied any wrongdoing, has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.