Teen’s Life Cut Short in E-Bike Accident

A tragic accident took the life of a 13-year-old boy in Westchester County, New York, when he was thrown from his e-bike and fell from a five-story parking garage, according to officials. The incident occurred on Sunday around 545 p.m. at the Harrison Metro-North station parking garage on Hal Avenue. Mark Anthony Giordano was riding with a group of five friends on the top level of the garage when the accident happened.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA reported that Giordano’s body was found on the ground near building. Emergency services quickly transported him to White Plains Hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival. No other children were injured in the incident, and authorities have ruled out foul play.

The MTA is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. “The MTA will review the results of the investigation when they are available,” said MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan. Preliminary findings suggest that the group of children were performing stunts with their e-bikes on the top floor of the parking garage. Giordano’s bike reportedly hit a wall and flipped, causing him to be thrown off the roof.

Giordano was a student-athlete at Louis M. Klein Middle School in the suburban town, where he participated in wrestling and football. His loss has deeply affected the community. Frank Barchella, who organized an online fundraiser for Giordano’s family, described him as a “gentle soul and dedicated friend.”

The fundraiser aims to assist the family with funeral costs and other expenses during this difficult time. Since its inception, the GoFundMe page has raised over $119,000. The Harrison Central School District has also extended support to students, teachers, and parents affected by the tragedy.