Teen dies after attempting latest TikTok challenge

The untimely passing of 13-year-old Jacob Stevens of Ohio was a result of the “Benadryl Challenge”, a dangerous TikTok stunt involving the consumption of large doses of antihistamines to induce hallucinations.

Justin Stevens, Jacob’s father, spoke to ABC 6, expressing the “worst day of his life”, and warned parents to take extra care in monitoring their children’s activity online, as other young people have paid the price for this challenge.

Johnson & Johnson, the Benadryl manufacturer, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released public service announcements in response to this tragedy, calling for heightened awareness of the potential risks of this challenge.

It was reported that Jacob’s friends had filmed him taking the pills, highlighting the power of social media and its potential for harm among young people. The death of Jacob Stevens serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of social media, and the need for greater protection, including age restrictions on over-the-counter medications and tighter regulations on the use of social media by young people.