Teen Arrested for Brother’s Murder Allegedly Had Family ‘Hit List’

A 14-year-old boy from Pike County, Alabama, is currently in police custody, facing accusations of fatally shooting his 17-year-old brother and allegedly creating a comprehensive “hit list” of family members and a school he planned to attack, as reported by local law enforcement. The identity of the teenager has been withheld due to his minor status. He was apprehended following the discovery of his older brother’s body on Tuesday.

Sheriff Russell Thomas of the Pike County Sheriff’s Office disclosed that the investigation led to the unearthing of a “hit list” that encompassed family members and Pike County High School. According to Sheriff Thomas, the list was not merely a roster of potential victims but also included meticulous details about the locations and methods of execution. This information was reportedly provided by a friend of the suspect, who was privy to the teenager’s lethal intentions.

The “hit list” was discovered during a search of the boy’s residence and backpack. The sheriff confirmed that the teenager had formulated plans to execute a shooting at his high school. The list also incorporated family members whom the teenager allegedly planned to murder.

The suspect reportedly admitted to the murder of his brother, who had been missing since Monday, during an interview with Sheriff Thomas. The body of the elder brother was found by their father on Tuesday, after he had collected his younger son from school.

Pike County District Attorney James Tarbox revealed during a press conference that the suspect had made “disturbing and threatening statements to multiple students” before his arrest. One student was so perturbed by the teenager’s remarks that he reported them to a teacher, who subsequently informed the school administration.

In the aftermath of the incident, Pike County Board of Education Superintendent, Dr. Mark Bazzell, announced that the teenager was immediately expelled from the school. The school system is collaborating with local law enforcement in the ongoing investigation. Despite the absence of evidence indicating a direct threat to the schools, additional law enforcement presence has been requested on the Brundidge campuses as a safety measure.