Target to Discontinue Accepting This Form of Payment

Target, the Minnesota-based retail giant, has announced that it will cease accepting personal checks as a form of payment in its stores. The decision, which will be implemented later this month, is attributed to the “extremely low volumes” of such transactions, according to a company spokesperson.

The company has taken proactive steps to inform its customers about the impending change. The new policy will be effective from July 15, following the conclusion of Target’s popular Circle Week sales event.

Despite the discontinuation of personal checks, Target will continue to accept a variety of other payment methods. These include cash, credit and debit cards, Target Circle Cards, digital wallets, SNAP/EBT cards, and buy now-pay later services.

This move is one of several changes the retail behemoth has made in an effort to save money and combat theft. Target has been grappling with theft issues, which have prompted the company to implement several new policies.

Earlier this year, in March, Target introduced a 10-item limit for customers using self-checkout. More recently, the company lowered the threshold for staff intervention in theft incidents. Previously, staff were instructed to intervene when thieves attempted to flee with items worth $100 or more. Now, the limit has been reduced to $50.

Target’s Chief Financial Officer, Michael Fiddelke, has previously acknowledged the financial impact of shoplifting on the company. During an investor meeting last fall, Fiddelke stated that the company anticipates shoplifting to pose a “significant financial headwind.”