Suspect in Mother’s Murder Sparks Statewide Manhunt

Tragedy struck a Massachusetts family in Gardner, a city in the central area of the Bay State, as a mother of four was found shot to death in her home, and the father of her children is now the prime suspect. The incident has triggered a statewide manhunt, as authorities search for Aaron Pennington, 33, the alleged assailant.

Breanne Pennington, 30, was discovered with a fatal gunshot wound to her face at their residence on Cherry Street in Gardner, leaving a heart-wrenching scene. The grim discovery unfolded on a Sunday morning, with the four Pennington children present inside the home when the police arrived.

The Massachusetts State Police issued a warning, considering Aaron Pennington armed and dangerous. They urge the public not to approach him but to call 911 immediately if spotted. Additionally, an application for a criminal complaint filed against Pennington accuses him of unlawfully possessing a firearm without a license to carry.

The application chillingly recounts the children’s experience, who heard their mother’s last moments alive, stating, “Four children came over to her house scared because they could not find their father and their mother was in her bedroom crying.” Responding officers discovered the victim in an upstairs bedroom with three shell casings found at the scene.

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early expressed concern and urged vigilance within the community. He assured that the children are safe and now in state custody.

The suspect is believed to be driving a white BMW 320 with a Massachusetts “Veteran” plate, though it may have been replaced with a Texas or California plate. The police have uncovered information suggesting the couple had been experiencing marital discord, with Breanne Pennington planning to move to Texas with their children, a plan that allegedly did not sit well with the suspect.

Aaron Pennington’s documented struggles with mental health issues and suicidal threats add another layer to this tragic case. Surveillance footage indicates his departure from the residence in a 2013 BMW 320 sedan at 8:50 a.m.

As authorities intensify their efforts to locate the suspect, friends of the victim remember Breanne Pennington as a devoted mother and wife, leaving the community mourning her tragic loss.