Student punches 84-year-old bus driver in face outside of the school

At West Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina, a school bus driver was assaulted in the face by a student on the morning of February 27th, according to an incident report by Concord police, reported by WJZY-TV. The reason for the attack is unclear. The student will face a criminal charge that will be handled through juvenile services, though the student’s age has not been reported.

The bus driver told WJZY-TV earlier this week that he is doing okay and the attack has not prevented him from continuing to do his job. The station also asked Cabarrus County Schools about the extent of the driver’s injuries and if the student was punished, but the district replied that it cannot comment on personnel issues or student discipline. The district has yet to answer WJZY-TV’s questions regarding if there were cameras on the school bus or if the district recorded the incident.

Cabarrus County Schools released the following statement in regard to the incident: “Cabarrus County Schools is aware of an incident on a parked bus at West Cabarrus High School last week that involved the assistance of law enforcement. This is an on-going matter, and we are cooperating with local law enforcement to provide any information that we have. Student and staff safety is a top priority for Cabarrus County Schools. We are taking appropriate internal actions to provide for a safe environment on our buses. These actions include utilizing adult bus monitors as necessary, buses equipped with cameras, and bus driver professional development. As you are aware, we cannot comment further on personnel issues or incidents involving student discipline.”

Victor Turner, a West Cabarrus High School parent, told WJZY-TV that “You’re sitting there; you’re a sitting duck” in regards to the attacked bus driver, with no means to defend themselves. He also said “There’s just no reason, in my view, to go after somebody who can’t defend themselves.” Turner added that his daughter rides a different bus, but it is not always easy to trust she will be safe.