Student pepper-sprays teacher after losing her phone for cheating

On Friday, an incident was documented at Antioch High School in Tennessee, located approximately 30 minutes southeast of Nashville.

According to Reddit user @Lazy_Mouse3803, who shared the video, the cellphone confiscation was a disciplinary action as the student had been “texting and Googling answers for her school work.” The unblurred, unedited clip features the teacher running out of the classroom, apparently after the student pepper-sprayed him.

In the edited, blurred video, the teacher is heard saying, “She just pepper-sprayed me!” as the student unsuccessfully attempts to take back her phone and commands the teacher, “Give me my phone!” After the teacher does not comply, the student pepper-sprays the teacher in a hallway, causing him to cry out in pain.

Another adult is present in the hallway as the teacher stands up and says, “She pepper-sprayed me!” Incredibly, the student replied, “Okay, now give me my phone.”

Antioch High School declined to comment on the incident when asked by reporters.

Additionally, it was reported that according to the individual who posted the video, this was the second time that a student has attacked this teacher, noting that two months ago a student who was caught cheating on a test punched the teacher in the face for taking a phone away from the student.