Stolen Luggage Found with Help of AirTag

A Miami family’s holiday trip took an unexpected turn when their luggage was stolen during transit. However, thanks to modern technology, they were able to retrieve their stolen belongings. Catherine Gavino, a member of the family, expressed her determination to find justice for the theft.

The Gavino family was en route from Miami to the Carolinas via Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina when the incident occurred. Upon their arrival in Charlotte on a Friday afternoon, they discovered that one of their suitcases was missing from the baggage claim area.

Catherine Gavino’s recently purchased Apple AirTag, concealed within her parents’ luggage, proved instrumental in the search for the stolen suitcase. The AirTag’s tracking feature indicated that the luggage was moving westward on Interstate 85, heading towards Gastonia.

Upon locating the AirTag, the Gavino family rented a car and followed the device’s signal to a residential area. Despite their efforts, they were unable to pinpoint the exact location of the stolen luggage. The AirTag ceased to display its location after a certain point, leading the family to temporarily halt their search.

The family resumed their search on Christmas Day, hoping for better results. After dropping off other family members at the airport, Catherine Gavino checked the AirTag’s location once more. This time, it revealed a specific house in Gastonia.

After involving the police, Gavino not only located the house but also found their missing luggage. Surprisingly, another suitcase belonging to a different victim of airport theft was also discovered at the location. Gavino shared that the Gastonia police informed her that another individual had reported a similar issue, and they too had used an AirTag.

Unfortunately, when the Gavino family retrieved their luggage, they found that almost all of their belongings were missing. Catherine Gavino speculated that the thieves might have sold the clothes for cash. Despite the loss, she expressed gratitude for the AirTag, without which they would not have located their stolen luggage.

Police records indicate that the suspect has been apprehended and charged with multiple theft-related offenses, including a drug charge. The individual is currently being held on a $10,000 bond. The Gastonia Police Department has yet to comment on the incident.