Sleeping pregnant woman shot in head by man who fired at family’s parked car

Florida man shot at homeless family of 5 in car, struck pregnant mom: police – New York Post

It has been reported that a Florida man opened fire on a homeless family of five sleeping in a car at a park in Tampa last week, police said.

According to Tampa Police Department, Christopher Stamat Jr., 21, faces six felony charges following the shooting that took place in the parking lot across from the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Complex around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“Our community can rest better tonight knowing the suspect linked to this monstrous, random act of violence is no longer free to prey on innocent people,” Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor said, thanking detectives for identifying the suspect so quickly. 

A father in his 30s and his pregnant wife in her 20s were sleeping inside with their three young children, ages nine, four, and three, when Stamat allegedly fired at the vehicle. Despite being struck in the head, the mother suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was being treated at a hospital. There was no harm done to the father or his children.

In multiple surveillance videos near the area at the time of the shooting, detectives identified Stamat as the driver of a black 2-door 300 series 2012 BMW. The vehicle was found in the garage of a Tampa home on Thursday, and the owner was identified as Stamat.

Police say Stamat was the only one to have driven the car along N Oregon Avenue on the morning of the shooting. 

During a search of Stamat’s vehicle, detectives discovered an empty gun box intended for a 9mm handgun. During the search of his apartment, shell casings matching those found at the crime scene were discovered.

The motive for the shooting has not yet been determined by investigators.

According to police, Stamat has not explained why he opened fire but claimed that he felt people were following him in cars, on bikes, and on foot.

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