Singer Taken to Hospital Naked and Stiff Leads to Man’s Arrest

George Sapp, a 42-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident, was apprehended by law enforcement during a traffic stop on The Greens Way as he was leaving his home. The arrest was the result of an ongoing death investigation linked to Sapp, who is believed to have delivered the lifeless body of 27-year-old singer and model, Charity Huntley, to Baptist Medical Center Beaches on April 6.

Upon searching Sapp’s belongings, police discovered pills that were later confirmed to be Percocet and oxycodone, as well as brass knuckles. Sapp was subsequently booked into Duval County Jail with a bond set at $150,000. He faces charges of possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver a controlled substance, according to online jail booking records. His court appearance was scheduled for October 5, but his defense attorney has yet to comment on the case.

A partially redacted police report, obtained by Law&Crime, provides some insight into Sapp’s alleged interactions with law enforcement. On the day of Huntley’s death, officers were called to Baptist Medical Center Beaches following reports that Sapp had arrived at the emergency room with Huntley’s body in the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe. The report noted that Huntley’s body was nude, cold, and stiff, suggesting she had been dead for some time.

Sapp reportedly told police that he had met Huntley at the beach about six weeks prior to her death and had arranged to meet her at a boat ramp on the day she died. After waiting for her to arrive, the two went onto a boat. During their time together, Huntley allegedly asked Sapp if he had any pills, to which he responded by giving her half a Percocet pill. The report does not disclose what transpired after this exchange.

The report goes on to state that Huntley accompanied Sapp to his detached garage, where he laid out two air mattresses and a pillow. Later that evening, Sapp claimed to have returned to his apartment to check in with his live-in girlfriend. When asked if Huntley was alive at this point, Sapp’s response was redacted from the report.

According to Sapp, he discovered Huntley’s body later that day. He then removed her body from the garage, placed it in his vehicle, covered it with a windshield cover, and drove to the hospital. The report does not reveal what Sapp told police when asked how he knew Huntley was dead.

Police were able to establish a timeline of events using video footage from various locations, including Sapp’s apartment, a yacht club, the utility company where he paid his electric bill, and the hospital. The footage showed Huntley walking from her car to the boat and later being assisted by Sapp as they returned to the boat ramp.

Huntley’s mother, Mary Huntley, remembered her daughter as intelligent, talented, and inspiring. She told local news outlets that her daughter was passionate about singing and modeling, and excelled in everything she did.