School Staff, Best Friends, Indicted for Sexual Misconduct with Students

Two former employees of Calhoun City Schools in Georgia, Railey Greeson and Brooklyn Shuler, have been indicted on charges of engaging in sexual relationships with male students. The alleged incidents occurred between October 2021 and January 2022, according to the indictment. Greeson is accused of having sexual relations with two different male students, while Shuler is charged with having sex with another student during the same period.

Both women are facing charges of sexual contact by an employee or agent in the first degree. The indictment suggests that the women should have been aware that the boys were students in the school district. However, the indictment does not provide details about the boys’ ages or the schools they attended.

While it remains unclear whether Greeson and Shuler were teachers or held other positions within the school district, they are described in reports as former employees. As of December 2022, Shuler was listed as a Level 4 educator on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission site, while Greeson was listed as being pre-service certified.

The two women, who have been described as best friends and were part of each other’s wedding parties, have a close relationship. Greeson served as Shuler’s maid of honor at her wedding in November 2022, several months after the alleged sexual relationship with the student. Shuler reciprocated by being a bridesmaid at Greeson’s wedding in October 2023.

Greeson, a member of Calhoun High School’s class of 2019, attended Kennesaw State with a projected graduation date in 2023. Shuler’s marital status appears to have changed, according to reports. Greeson’s husband, however, still features her in his Facebook profile.

Following their indictment, both women were arrested and booked at the Gordon County Jail. They were later released on bond. If convicted, Greeson and Shuler could face up to 25 years in prison or a fine of up to $100,000.