School Expels Students Over Mother’s OnlyFans Promotion

Two students from a Christian school in Florida were expelled this week after their mother, who works as an adult film actress and has an OnlyFans page, refused to remove a decal promoting her online platform from her car. The mother, Michelle Cline, who uses the stage name Piper Fawn, was previously prohibited from bringing her vehicle onto the campus of Liberty Christian Preparatory School following complaints from other parents about the explicit advertisement.

Cline complied with the school’s request to park off-campus, but was surprised when the school took further action. “I felt like when they asked me to park off campus, I immediately obliged. I never had my car on campus again and then it’s like that wasn’t enough and they had to take it a step further,” Cline said. She expressed her disappointment that her children were being penalized for her actions.

On February 5, the school board informed the Cline family that their children’s enrollment would be terminated immediately due to their mother’s decision to publicly advertise her adult content website on her vehicle. The board, which used the term “repent” six times in their letter, accused Cline and her husband of committing a sin by producing and distributing explicit content, which reportedly earns them up to $20,000 a month.

Jeremy Thomas, the Head of School, confirmed the decision, stating that the school was acting to “protect the innocence of children.” He emphasized the school’s stance against pornography, citing its destructive effects on lives and marriages, and its inconsistency with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and the school.

Cline was notified last month that she would not be allowed to drive her SUV onto the campus. She then began walking her children across a busy street to school each morning. The school accused Cline of replacing the original decal with a larger one, a claim she denies, stating that she has had the same vinyl on her car for years.

Cline expressed her frustration at being singled out, noting that she has been involved with the church and school for over five years and has been producing content for OnlyFans for three and a half years. She believes the decision to expel her children was influenced by the media attention she received after discussing the incident, which she claims was initiated by other parents upset about her profession.

The school has stated that it would consider allowing Cline to re-enroll her children in the future if she removed the decals and shut down her adult content websites. They also require her to inform the school in writing of her actions and her “desire to sincerely seek repentance and restoration.” Cline and her husband have decided to homeschool their children and are considering moving to a different neighborhood.