Randy Travis’ stagehand shot dead by his wife

On Sunday, police revealed that a stagehand for country music celebrity Randy Travis, Thomas Roberts, 68, had been fatally shot by his wife, Christine Roberts, 72.

Officers responded to the couple’s Nashville, Tennessee home and Christine told them she shot her husband “due to him having an affair”. Thomas Roberts had been working for Travis for more than two decades. A single gunshot wound to the chest caused his death and a pistol was taken from the scene. Christine has been charged with criminal homicide and her bond is set at $100,000.

Neighbors of the couple have spoken out, one of them saying that it sounded like a firework when the shot was fired. Another neighbor said Thomas had been very welcoming when she first moved to the area. A memorial of candles was set up on the sidewalk in front of Thomas’ photo as a sign of respect.

Travis, 64, took to social media to grieve for his longtime stagehand, saying “one would search a lifetime to find a kinder, gentler spirit”. He also said that the music on his upcoming ‘More Life’ tour would not be as sweet without Thomas and that he hopes to see flashes of Thomas’ handiwork in the night sky to let them know he is home.