Professional Skier and Girlfriend Fall to Their Death in Tragic Mountain Accident

In a tragic incident in northern Italy, a professional skier and his girlfriend lost their lives in a mountain accident. Jean Daniel Pession, a 28-year-old World Cup skier, and his girlfriend Elisa Arlian, 27, both ski instructors, fell nearly 2,300 feet from Mount Zerbion in the Aosta Valley. The unfortunate event was confirmed by the Italian Winter Sports Federation in a statement released on Saturday, June 1.

Reports from RAI, Italy’s national public broadcasting company, indicated that the couple fell into a deep crevice and were subsequently covered by snow. Despite the tragic circumstances, they were found still tied together, in what seemed like a final embrace, near the peak of the mountain they both cherished. Their bodies were located several hours after they were reported missing, thanks to a signal from one of their cell phones.

The couple had embarked on their journey early in the morning to climb a peak they were well-acquainted with. When their families noticed their absence, they alerted the emergency center, which triggered a rapid helicopter rescue operation. Technicians, utilizing a winch, found Pession and Arlian still attached to each other upon their descent.

The community of Aosta Valley has been expressing their condolences to the bereaved families. Alberto Bertin, the Regional Council President of Aosta Valley, shared his condolences, stating, “Two young lives were abruptly ended by a mountain accident, that mountain which was their passion… Our thoughts are with their families, friends, and the entire sports community, and we embrace them with affection and compassion.”

The Italian Winter Sports Federation also extended their condolences to the for this tragic event. As investigations into the accident continue, the skiing community is mourning the loss of two talented individuals, whose lives were cut short by the sport they loved.