Pop Star Justin Timberlake arrested

Justin Timberlake, the renowned pop star, was reportedly inebriated prior to his arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) on Tuesday. An eyewitness at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, Long Island, reported that Timberlake appeared to be heavily intoxicated, even consuming a drink left unattended by another patron who had temporarily left the table.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, just before the establishment was about to close. Upon the patron’s return from the restroom, he found Timberlake drinking his beverage. The 43-year-old singer was later apprehended by police after departing the hotel.

Timberlake was charged with DWI, in addition to being cited for running a stop sign and improper lane usage while operating his 2025 gray BMW. During his arrest, Timberlake informed the officers that he had consumed only one martini and was following his friends home. However, he declined to take a Breathalyzer test three times, as per the court documents.

The pop star, who is also a father of two, was wearing white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers at the time of his arrest. He reportedly failed the field sobriety tests. Interestingly, the officer who pulled him over was reportedly too young to recognize the former boy-band member.

During the arrest, Timberlake was heard murmuring about the potential impact of the incident on his ongoing world tour. The singer is currently in the midst of a tour that includes performances at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan next week.

At the time of Timberlake’s arrest, his wife, actress Jessica Biel, was in Manhattan filming a movie. The couple shares two young sons.