Police officer shoots his wife in the face with AR-15

An officer for the Houston Police Department has been removed from duty following an accusation that he shot his wife in the face with an AR-15 rifle. Chief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department expressed his deep concern over the allegation during a press conference, stating that domestic violence is a serious issue and that the department is doing everything they can to try and prevent it.

Galib Waheed Chowdhury, 31-years-old, has been charged with aggravated assault of a family member with serious bodily injury in the 338th State District Court, according to the authorities on Monday. During the court appearance Wednesday, Chowdhury stated that the victim, 30-year-old Sadaf Iqbal, got in the way while he was attempting to shoot somebody he claimed had broken into their home. Officers found no signs of a break-in, as reported by KHOU. Police also discovered that Iqbal had previously received messages that could have been interpreted as angry. In addition, her wounds indicate that she had attempted to defend herself by covering her face.

Iqbal was shot in the right eyeball and suffered a fractured cheekbone, as well as multiple fractures to her hands and fingers. Her family told KHOU that Iqbal initially described the incident as an accident because she was afraid, although they now believe it to have been an attempted execution. They also revealed that Chowdhury had been drinking at a birthday celebration earlier that evening and had become belligerent. Furthermore, he allegedly opened fire on Iqbal while she was lying on the floor, apologized for the shooting and informed her that he would call the police and claim there was a robbery.

Houston Police Department officers responded to the call for service at 10333 Clay Road shortly after midnight on Monday. Iqbal was then transported to hospital by the Houston Fire Department, where she underwent emergency surgery. Chowdhury was taken into custody on Monday and was off-duty from his job as an officer with the HPD’s Northwest Patrol Division at the time of the incident. He was sworn into his position in March 2021.

Chowdhury was granted bail on Tuesday and is to be monitored by GPS. A protective order is also in place prohibiting him from coming into contact with his wife or being within 200 feet of her. Chowdhury’s next court appearance is scheduled for August 22nd. The investigation is being undertaken by the HPD Special Investigations Unit, Internal Affairs Division and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.