PhD Student Charged with Horrific Killing of Friend’s Six-Week-Old Infant

A 29-year-old doctoral student from California, Nicole Virzi, has been arrested and charged with the alleged murder of a six-week-old infant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The authorities claim that Virzi was babysitting the child, Leon Katz, when he suffered a fractured skull and brain bleeding. The incident occurred while the baby’s mother, a close friend of Virzi, had taken Leon’s twin brother to the hospital for a genital injury.

According to the police, Virzi, a clinical psychology candidate in UC San Diego’s Joint Doctoral Program, is also suspected of causing the genital injury to the twin. The injuries sustained by both infants were consistent with child abuse, as per the medical examination. The doctor who examined the twins stated that the injuries were inflicted and were neither natural nor accidental.

Virzi, however, has a different account of the incident. She told the police that she had left Leon alone in a bouncer seat to fetch a baby bottle from the kitchen. Upon her return, she found him on the floor, screaming, having apparently fallen and hit his head. She immediately called 911 and also informed the parents about the injury to Leon’s twin earlier.

Through her attorney, David Shrager, Virzi has denied all allegations, maintaining her innocence. Shrager described Virzi as a loving person and a long-term friend of the family, who would never harm anyone’s child. He also emphasized that Virzi has no criminal history and is looking forward to proving her innocence in court.

Virzi has been charged with homicide, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of children. She is currently being held without bail at the Allegheny County Jail and is scheduled to attend a court hearing on June 28. The exact dates of the infant’s death and Virzi’s arrest have not been disclosed.