Pastor’s Wife’s Death Raises Disturbing Questions

Mica Miller, a 30-year-old woman from South Carolina, was found dead on April 27 in a North Carolina state park. The cause of death was determined to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and the coroner ruled it a suicide. Mica was the wife of Pastor John Paul Miller, a figure who has come under scrutiny following her death.

Despite the official ruling, Mica’s family and community have expressed doubts about the circumstances surrounding her death. According to a legal affidavit filed by Mica’s sister, the family is questioning the suicide ruling and pointing fingers at Mica’s husband, alleging abuse. The sister recounts Mica’s chilling words, stating that Mica had told her repeatedly that if she were to be found with a bullet in her head, it wouldn’t be self-inflicted but the work of her husband, John Paul.

In the aftermath of Mica’s death, John Paul delivered a sermon in which he announced his wife’s suicide and attributed it to her mental health struggles. This public announcement has raised eyebrows, with some, including devout Christian Allie Beth Stuckey, finding it an odd way to share such tragic news.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, it was revealed that Mica had served her husband with divorce papers and sought a no-contact order against him just days before her death. This was not the first time Mica had attempted to divorce John Paul; she had previously filed for divorce last October citing adultery, but the case was dismissed.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Mica had reportedly contacted the police multiple times over slashed tires and tracking devices found on her car. John Paul had confessed to slashing her tires in text messages.

John Paul’s past is not without controversy. In 1999, he was convicted for driving his pickup truck into a woman twice as she was filling sandbags near her home during a flood. Furthermore, during his divorce from his first wife, whom he had cheated on with Mica, it was alleged in the divorce documents that John Paul had confessed to having sexual encounters with underage girls he met at the church and an addiction to prostitutes.

While the truth surrounding Mica’s death remains uncertain, Stuckey is adamant about one thing: “He should not have been a pastor. He should not have been in leadership of the church.”