NFL Fan Dies After Alleged Assault During Patriots-Dolphins Game

A tragic incident unfolded at Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots game on Sunday, resulting in the death of a 53-year-old father of two from New Hampshire. Dale Mooney, the deceased, was reportedly punched in the face by a Miami Dolphins fan, leading to his unconsciousness and subsequent death, according to an eyewitness account.

Mooney was immediately attended to by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) at the scene and was quickly transported to a nearby hospital. Initially, the incident was referred to as an “apparent medical event.” However, Mooney was declared dead shortly before midnight.

An onlooker at the game, Joey Kilmartin from Nashua, New Hampshire, reported witnessing a physical altercation between Mooney and a Dolphins fan. Kilmartin stated that the Dolphins fan approached Mooney and punched him in the face, causing Mooney to lose consciousness. Kilmartin also mentioned that Mooney had been involved in a physical confrontation with other fans towards the end of the fourth quarter.

Kilmartin shared his account of the incident with the Foxborough police and provided a video to WCVB, a local news outlet. The video showed Mooney’s shirt being pulled as he approached other fans on the 300 level of the stadium. Kilmartin described the scene, saying Mooney grabbed another fan, and they began to tussle. Another fan then walked over and punched Mooney, causing him to lose consciousness.

Mooney’s wife, Lisa, expressed her shock and grief over the incident, stating that she is seeking answers about the tragic event. She described her husband as a patient man and a dedicated season ticket holder for 30 years. Lisa also mentioned that her husband had attended the game with three friends who reported being taunted by other fans.

Despite the eyewitness account and video evidence, no charges have been filed yet. However, Kilmartin reported seeing the police take one man into custody. The Massachusetts State Police, assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, are currently investigating the incident. Autopsy results for Mooney are still pending.