New Details in Double Murder, Severed Heads, Body Parts Found Scattered

In a shocking revelation, a mother from Long Island, accused of a gruesome double murder, allegedly assaulted a female victim as she choked on her own blood, before striking her head with a meat tenderizer. The chilling details were disclosed on Monday as two of the four suspects were presented in court to face serious new charges related to the double homicide. The victims, a married couple, were found dismembered, their severed heads and limbs scattered across local parks.

The two victims had reportedly assisted the suspects in planning a previous robbery, but later fell out with them, leading to their brutal murder, according to authorities. The victims, Malcolm Craig Brown and Donna Conneely, were killed and dismembered on Long Island in late February. The accused, Alexis Nieves, 33, and her alleged accomplice, Jeffrey Mackey, 38, were arraigned on Monday. Nieves was held on a $1 million cash bond, while Mackey was remanded.

The Assistant District Attorney, Francis Schroeder, provided a detailed account of the alleged roles of Nieves and Mackey in the murders. According to Schroeder, after Conneely was stabbed by Mackey, Nieves kicked her as she gasped for air, choking on her own blood. Nieves then allegedly struck Conneely multiple times in the head with a meat tenderizer and stabbed her repeatedly in the back until she died.

Mackey, on the other hand, is accused of stabbing Malcolm Craig Brown multiple times, then turning his attention to Conneely, stabbing her in the neck, strangling her, and then handing her over to Nieves. Schroeder also revealed that Mackey used the same knife in the murders as he had used in a previous gas station robbery. The robbery is believed to be connected to the murders and is considered the motive behind the crime.

The gruesome double murder shocked the region as the victims’ severed heads and limbs were discovered across Suffolk County in late February. The suspects allegedly dismembered the bodies in an attempt to conceal their crime. Nieves and Mackey were among four people charged last month with lesser offenses, such as concealment of a human corpse, related to the deaths of the Westchester County victims.

The victims, who were known to the suspects, were believed to have been killed at a home in Amityville on Long Island, where at least three of the suspects had recently moved. The couple had reportedly helped the suspects plan the robbery. The suspects allegedly attempted to dispose of evidence by dismembering the bodies and clogging the home’s sinks, showers, drains, and toilets.

The four suspects were initially released with ankle monitors due to the state’s lenient criminal justice reforms, causing public outrage. The other two suspects were not present in court on Monday. The county DA, Ray Tierney, stated that they would soon be arraigned on charges, but did not disclose what those charges would be.

Nieves, who appeared in court wearing a multicolored Bart Simpson hoodie and gray Reebok basketball shorts, was arraigned on charges including second-degree murder. Schroeder stated that the evidence against the accused is strong, including eyewitness testimony, video, phone records, and cell-site records. Mackey was also held without bail on two new murder charges and a robbery charge.