Naked Attacker Kills Firewood Delivery Driver

A Texas man, aged 27, has been apprehended by law enforcement for purportedly murdering a 51-year-old firewood delivery driver. The suspect, identified as Chrisantus Omondi, was reportedly residing at an Airbnb at the time of the incident. He is accused of launching a naked attack on the victim, using a piece of firewood as a weapon.

Omondi is facing charges of murder, aggravated assault against a security officer, and obstruction or retaliation, following the brutal killing of Scott Edward Jackson, as per the records examined by legal news outlets. Jackson, along with his daughter Kasey De Leon, operated a firewood delivery business. The fatal incident occurred while Jackson was delivering firewood to a regular customer residing on Wendover Drive in Fort Worth.

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted the horrifying incident to a local news station. He stated that while they were unloading the firewood, a stranger, later identified as Omondi, approached them, accusing them of trespassing on his property. The customer and Jackson attempted to dismiss the naked man, hoping to escape the freezing cold, but their efforts were met with violence. The customer was injured but managed to survive the attack.

The customer described the attack as swift and brutal. Omondi allegedly grabbed a piece of firewood and struck Jackson on the head. The customer managed to escape into his house and call 911, but not before witnessing Omondi return to Jackson and continue the assault.

Another eyewitness reportedly told the police that Omondi dumped the remaining firewood from the wheelbarrow onto Jackson before fleeing the scene. Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy later confirmed that Jackson died from blunt force injuries to his head and neck.

Police traced Omondi to an Airbnb located across the street from the crime scene. Upon their arrival, a woman, also renting a room at the same address, claimed that Omondi had tried to forcefully enter her room. Omondi was apprehended at the Airbnb after police used a stun gun due to his aggressive behavior and refusal to comply with commands.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist Jackson’s family during this difficult time. Omondi is currently detained at the Tarrant County Detention Center with a bond set at $300,000.