Mother Suspected of Drowning Her Small Children at Local Beach

3 children dead after found unconscious on Coney Island beach; mother being questioned by police – WABC-TV

The bodies of three young children were discovered on Coney Island early Monday morning. It is believed that the mother drowned her children. Charges are pending against the mother, an unidentified thirty-year-old woman.

The search for the family began with an emergency call. An initial concern led a family member to call the police for help. Police then responded to the 1:40 am 911 call and went to her apartment building in Coney Island where she and her children resided.  

According to NYPD Chief Kenneth Corey, the family member that made the 911 call was worried that her family member may have hurt her three small children.

When police were dispatched to the woman’s apartment building, they knocked on the apartment door and no one answered. The father of the children was at the apartment building and spoke with the police. He agreed with the family member that made the 911 call. He was concerned for the woman and children. He told the police that he believed they may be on the boardwalk nearby.

The police began their search on Coney Island. They looked high and low for the children and mother. At 3:00 am the police received yet another emergency call that led them to find the woman. Police shared that the woman was drenched with water and barefoot when they found her. She would not talk with the police.

Just over an hour-and-a-half later the children were discovered at 4:42 am. They were “discovered on the shoreline at the water’s edge”. A CPR attempt was immediately initiated by the police when they found the children. The victims were then rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

There were three children involved in the incident: a seven-year-old boy, a four-year-old girl, and a three-month-old girl.

The deaths are still under investigation by the police.

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